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Please describe your timepiece below.  Warranty card and sales receipt must be included when sending your watch for warranty work.

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*NOTE*  Please read your warranty card for warranty details.  If requesting warranty repair, it is important that you use authorized service centers while your name brand timepiece is under warranty to ensure that the brand's warranty is not voided.  Some issues may not be covered under warranty, and there will be a service charge.  Warranties are not transferable.  Be sure to include your warranty card and to package your timepiece according to the shipping guidelines of your chosen shipping company and insure it for the appropriate value.   Include $100.00 US for domestic and  $200 for International return shipping & handling (via FedEx overnight fully insured by Parcel Pro) payable to Montres Allison, Inc.  Additional charges will apply for any issue not covered under warranty.  We will call you with an estimate of any additional charges.  Complete overhauls are not covered under warranty.

Please print this form and send with your timepiece and warranty card to:
Montres Allison : SERVICE DEPT
13140 Kearney Street
Thornton, CO  80602